Enterprise Self-Service Platform

We help Mobile Network Operators to catch the IoT and device connectivity wave.

Reliable self-help SIM Management Platform built with customers in mind.

Enterprise SIM Management platforms can be complicated and expensive, for both mobile operators and their customers. Selling and implementing overly-complex solutions is also hard. SIMcontrol is a proven EBU / B2B service that is perfectly suited to companies deploying large numbers of IoT, M2M and other connected devices. Typical customer segments include smart metering, vehicle tracking, utilities, security technology, government, smart agriculture as well as several SME markets.

Simplicity is key.

Customers are increasingly looking for simpler enterprise solutions that are easy to use and come with instant self-help functionality. By putting the power in your customer’s hands you allow them to manage SIM fleets themselves with minimal manual network involvement. Radically cut down on support costs and make business customers happy again. It’s the 2020’s… why should enterprise customers not be able to manage their entire SIM base from the comfort of their PC or smartphone?

Quick integration.

Complicated integration with core network systems can lead to lengthy and expensive projects. SIMcontrol has super-lightweight network integration using existing telco vendor API’s. Our 10 years experience in integrating with many different telco instances means quick and cost-effective technical integration.

Market-ready service.

SIMcontrol is a market-ready Platform-As-A-Service that has been proven across many countries and market segments. Go-to-market assistance includes product development, pricing, revenue assurance and marketing assistance. Use our years of experience to fast-track your product go-to-market and get your mobile network ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Benefits for the Mobile Network Operator

Improved customer satisfaction as the control is now in the hands of the user. (Latest NPS average = 42)

Reduced cost to service enterprise clients through customer self-service & automation (On prepaid, hybrid or post-paid SIMs)

Most Tier 1 service queries can now be answered directly by the customer: Does my SIM have data? Instantly load another bundle? Is my SIM active? Enable roaming?

Increase ARPU from additional service fee revenue, especially on low-data IoT SIMs.

Improved time to market of new products such as “IoT starter Kit”: Active, Registered & Managed SIMs with trial data

Identify and segment SMEs that makes use of prepaid SIMs in their business – then upsell other enterprise services

Service all technologies from within a single account (Prepaid, Hybrid, Contract, APN, Roaming, IoT etc.)

Much lower CAC “Customer Acquisition Cost” due to easy online enrolment process

Reduction in credit risk as new customers work on a pre-funded model

What makes SIMcontrol different?

Flickswitch experience servicing B2B directly.

All transactions billed against a single pool of funds (pre-funded or on credit)

Fully integrated billing capability, or push/export to existing billing system.

Makes use of existing Telco infrastructure (UX orientated).

SIM level usage tracking through balance monitoring & keep alive.

Cloud hosted with 2 week dev sprints for new feature deployment.

Automated email based event and report communication.

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